Exclusive Interview With… Mr. Mickey

As a front-row fixture on the Fashion Week circuit, and editorial director of Paper Magazine, the exuberant and outspoken character that is Mr. Mickey recently sat down with Adrian Harris in this Exclusive Interview for TDR. We talk Twitter, NYC, and what he loves most about his very cool career.

As editorial director of Paper Magazine, what’s your favourite part about your job?

The best part of my job is that there is so much variety in what I do. I arrange photo shoots, I do interviews, I go to parties and fashion shows. It’s great for someone with a short attention span like me. I also love that I get to meet and work with some many amazing people. Great photographers, stylists, writers, chefs and more. I have a smorgasbord approach to life. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Mr. Mickey loves Twitter. Tell us about your love for Social Networking!

Well I must confess that I originally resisted both Facebook and Twitter. I joked that I didn’t need a forum to make new friends. I actually wanted to lose some of the friends I already had! But Paper‘s co-founder David Hershkovits loves for us to be up-to-date in terms of technology and social-media so I took the plunge.

I have to confess that I love Twitter. I loved Facebook originally but now I’m very much not into it. Although Twitter takes up a lot of time in my life it’s a perfect forum for me. I’m much better at doing little 140 character tidbits than writing a 1000 word story. I’m all about a soundbite. And being on line somehow has made me lose and shame I had. I can tweet at anyone about anything and that’s very liberating. The great thing about Twitter is that you really feel like you know the people you follow better than you know you’re real friends. There are people I’ve never met in person but by following them on the tweets I know constantly what they’re up to. I like that.

What’s your favorite part about living in NYC?

I always say that love it or hate it, living in NYC fucks you up for living any place else. You just get accustomed to the rhythm and the manic energy. It really feels like shit happens here. Personally I need to live in a place where a lot is going on. I’m not one to live in the country where there’s nothing but peace and quiet. I don’t want to relax. I want to go, go, go. Yes I love to visit the country and have some relaxation time but I always say I’m love New York City most when I’m driving back into the city from the airport after just coming back from someplace else. I love that NYC is home. It’s a crazy, diverse, insane and progressive place.

Describe for us Mr. Mickey’s idea of a perfect day… and night!

I’m an early-bird so I like to get up early and go to see my trainer Matthew who is an amazing acrobat. Working out with him is so fun and I need that. I’d love a fabulous lunch with some new friends (or potential romantic interest!). A trip to a museum and some shopping, a Broadway show and a fun party at a club or someone’s apartment… and cap it all off with making out with a cute boy! That’s my kind of day in NYC or any other place in the world.

Finally, what piece of advice would you give for a young aspiring creative, who wants to make a life doing what he loves?

There really are no secrets to success. You just need to find what you love and do it. And you need to love it for what it is. You shouldn’t get into fashion because you think it’s all front-rows at fashion shows and rubbing elbows with celebrities. Yes that’s part of it but there is a lot of hard work and schlepping and non-glamorous stuff too.

I started as an intern at Paper and never left. I always tell kids to try and get internships at places they’d love to work. That way people can get to know you and see what a hard-worker you are. I always remember when an intern has a can-do attitude and I always remember when an intern has a shitty, entitled attitude.

Interning and impressing them with your hard work is the best way to get ahead in any business. Do that and listen to your instincts and you’ll be fine.

Our thanks to Mickey Boardman for his time and contribution to this piece.

Extra Special thanks to Richard Haines  for use of his illustration. 


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